Thursday, November 18, 2010

{ My Kiddos }

I love that I can take pictures of my kids. It really is something that makes me happy. They are so cute and so fun. And they LOVE getting their pictures taken. This year I decided that I would not get school pictures at all, and I would just take them, since I do that anyway. I think they turned out cute!

{ "N" Family }

I am so glad that we were able to schedule a time for these pictures. The weather turned terrible, well very snowy, just a few days after we took the pictures. The weather was beautiful and so was the background. Mr. K-man was about the easiest and most photogenic kid I have ever gotten to work with! He was awesome! I had a hard time picking pictures. Little A was so cute always smiling at her Dad. And Mr. B decided that since his brother and sister were so easy he would give me a little bit of a challenge, but what a fun challenge he was! I am so grateful I got to take pictures of this beautiful family. Thank you!